Caffé Firenzo

No Coffee for me!

Caffé Firenzo is located right across the street from the main lobby of Sun City Suites Gensan. I was there a few nights ago. I think people in Gensan are coffee lovers because there are so many coffee shops here that you can go to a different one everyday for the rest of the week. I’m not much of a coffee lover so I just got one of their cold drinks. Instead of checking out their variety of coffees, I checked out their Wifi instead. PLDT is their ISP (just like at home). The speed is great as it registered a 3.81 mbps on my first reading which astonished me and so I got a second reading after a while which registered a 1.6 mbps.

The actual speed in my opinion is much slower but is still decent enough compared to other wifi zones. Although their wifi has a password, it’s very easy to guess what it is if you just think hard enough. It starts with sun and ends with suites (one word with no spaces). At around 11:30 PM, the place is full and people are still coming in. Well, that is the trend in Gensan, when a new place opens, people flock to check it out. However if people still come to the place after a few months or years, then that place must have something distinctive to offer. I’m pretty sure Caffé Firenzo will stand the test of time due to its location, its uniqueness and its cozy place.