Remembering 9/11

September 11, 2001 attacks in New York City: V...

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Nine year ago I was in Cotabato City and was alone in my room. While I was reading a book,  I got a sms from my counterpart at around eight in the evening that the World Trade Center in New York was hit by a plane. Then after maybe an hour, another sms came telling me that the other building was hit by another plane. I didn’t have a TV nor did I have a computer with me in Cotabato back then. I just relied on the news from my friends.

I was quiet amazed about what was happening. However it did not sunk into me until the following day when I heard that thousands died because both towers collapsed within hours after what was then determined as a terrorist attack. It was a very disturbing fact. The situation was almost unreal.

The USA in our point of view had always been the most ideal country in the world. This could not be happening to them, but it did. We were proven wrong. This only demonstrates that the US is as vulnerable as any country in the world.

This made me contemplate that no matter where you are, if your time is up, then it is up. That life is precious. That we should be thankful for every sunshine that we see and be joyful for every sunset that we catch a glimpse of. That we must be happy for the simple things that we have. That everyday is a gift of life that we should treasure and live to the fullest. That a few minutes of prayer is never wasted. That God is so good that he still let us enjoy our life.

So let us not forget to thank the Lord everyday for the gift of life and continue to pray for peace. Amen!