The Rainbow Warrior

The Rainbow Warrior at Gensan port

Yesterday my kids and I together with the Sox Bloggers went on board Greenpeace’s ship called the Rainbow Warrior. Sir Avel , the leader of the group arranged the field trip with people at Greenpeace. According to Miss Leah Guerrero, Greenpeace’s Regional Communications Manager in Southeast Asia, this is their first ever open boat day in Mindanao. We were very lucky indeed to be invited on board the ship. Leah personally took care of us, the Soccsksargen bloggers. She fetched us from our meeting point, provided the transportation going to the port and back and she even bought us snacks. She was our tour guide on board the ship with the help of Amrit, an Indian national who happens to be a blogger. Continue reading

3rd Gensan Car Show

My son who is 12 years old is into cars lately. Well, toy cars for the moment. He has a lot of Ferrari from the Shell promo. He has more than one complete set of the collection. He had this interest in cars from playing his video game Need for Speed. He can identify a Porsche from a Ferrari, a Mercedes from a BMW and even knows the racing accessories for cars like spoilers and body kits. I bought him a few magazines about cars and I always entertain his questions when he is asking what kind of car this or that is. To add to his enthusiasm for cars, I thought what better way to expose him to his interest than to bring him to a car show. Well, I was in luck because a friend of mine sent me a sms that there is a car show at the Gaisano Mall Gensan. Continue reading

One Day on Earth! 10-10-10

Its October 1, 2010. Time flies so fast. Its only 84 days before Christmas. I should be starting my Christmas Gifts list. But before that, there is one particular date that is very significant and only comes once in a lifetime. That date for this year is October 10, 2010 or 10-10-10. That sequence of date will never return in our lifetime. So where will you be on 10-10-10 at 10:10 AM or PM? Well, heres something that caught my attention. Its One Day in Earth. You can read the full details here.

This is just like what You Tube did on July 24, 2010. Watch it here.

I wanted to participate in the You Tube event on that saturday but as usual, I was as lazy as a sloth. This time around, i’ll think more positively and with proper mind conditioning, I think I can do this. I have already signed up on their website. Im thinking of my concepts and where will I shoot my videos or photos. I hope I can solicit the help of friends or family to participate in this event.

Tuna Fest 2010

"Go Global Gensan: We Are Ready for the World"

Last night was the opening ceremonies of Gensan Tuna Fest 2010. The theme for this year’s festival is “Go Global Gensan: We Are Ready for the World”. The event was well organized resulting in a jammed pack oval plaza. The festival director Mr. Orman Manansala kept the program concise but very entertaining. Continue reading

Red means Stop! 10 things to know when driving in Gensan.

My Goodness!

“It’s a jungle out there”. That’s the most common cliché you’ll ever hear when describing a chaotic situation. Well, that’s how I describe the driving conditions in Gensan. Have you ever tried driving around the city even just for a day? Unfortunately, I do that almost everyday. I thought I was only one of the few who are irritated, dismayed or even furious about these conditions. I found out that I am not alone. Orman blogged about it here. He sums it all up in his no.1 no. 2 and no. 4 points. Continue reading

Caffé Firenzo

No Coffee for me!

Caffé Firenzo is located right across the street from the main lobby of Sun City Suites Gensan. I was there a few nights ago. I think people in Gensan are coffee lovers because there are so many coffee shops here that you can go to a different one everyday for the rest of the week. I’m not much of a coffee lover so I just got one of their cold drinks. Instead of checking out their variety of coffees, I checked out their Wifi instead. PLDT is their ISP (just like at home). The speed is great as it registered a 3.81 mbps on my first reading which astonished me and so I got a second reading after a while which registered a 1.6 mbps.

The actual speed in my opinion is much slower but is still decent enough compared to other wifi zones. Although their wifi has a password, it’s very easy to guess what it is if you just think hard enough. It starts with sun and ends with suites (one word with no spaces). At around 11:30 PM, the place is full and people are still coming in. Well, that is the trend in Gensan, when a new place opens, people flock to check it out. However if people still come to the place after a few months or years, then that place must have something distinctive to offer. I’m pretty sure Caffé Firenzo will stand the test of time due to its location, its uniqueness and its cozy place.

Blogging from Blugré Robinson’s Gensan

I’m blogging from Blugré Coffee at Robinson’s Place in Gensan. I’m trying out the free wifi offered by the mall. Although the coffee shop itself has free wifi, I opted to connect via the mall’s network to try it out. It’s around 9:33 PM and the mall is closed so I would assume that there would be less network congestion. Although the speed is acceptable and it registered a 250kbps at, that is only a quarter of the speed I get from home.However its free so I have no right to complain. In fact I am thankful for the free wifi. The range is also great. I was able connect inside my car before I got out. I am parked inside the mall’s parking space across the street. That means I can do a few online stuff on my mobile phone without even getting out of my car. It’s like a drive thru wifi.

Gensan has really come a long way since I first came here.