The spelling is correct. Yes, It is not an Ipod. Yup, its the long rumored Apple Tablet. I thought they would name it Itablet but they did not. The rumor has been spreading around since late last year that Apple will reveal at this very day(Jan 27 in the US) a tablet computer.

I have been wanting to buy the Kindle because I love to read but books are becoming cumbersome. I can’t even finish a good book now because I am always traveling and I tend to leave it at home. By the time I get back home, I forgot what it was that I was reading. My wanting to buy a Kindle is now overshadowed by the want to buy an Ipad.

The Ipad is a far more better device than the Kindle. It is actually a bigger version of the Ipod Touch. This is the device that I really want. You can see for yourself at Apples webpage.  The Ipad can be used to browse the web, check emails, play music and movies, browse pictures, it has google maps in it, has an awesome calendar and the thing that i’ve been wanting it can be used to read books. There are more apps at the Apps store.  Check out the demo on Apples web page. While your on it, check out also Steve Jobs keynote presentation. The device is also affordable. They priced it at $499.00 or roughly less than P25k. But, we will have to wait for now because this device will be coming out around March or April of this year. My Goodness! I feel like a baby drooling over a candy, This is one of the longest wait I will have to endure. . Haha. For now, I will just browse the web for more demos and videos of the Ipad.