Earth Hour

Today at 8:30 to 9:30 PM will be the Earth Hour for 2010. The event is on its third year now. I am a supporter of Earth Hour but I think I will pass this year. As I have stated in my Facebook shoutout: I wanted to join the Earth Hour, but I think 6 hours of Blackout today and almost everyday for almost a month now is more than a fare share. It would have been great if  turning off the lights would be my initiative but in my case that in not an option. The electricity was turned off by Socoteco from 10AM to 1PM and 4PM to 7PM today. Its more than one earth hour. If your city is not affected by the power crisis, please participate. Reducing one’s carbon footprints is a must. Global Warming is a reality. I hope each one of us will do our own little way to help.

Edit: At 8:30PM while I was making this blog. .the lights were turned off. . not by me voluntarily but by Socoteco! I wanted to shout in anger but hey, its earth hour. My only rant is that, they should not have cut the electricity earlier today. This is the 3rd time for the day.

Anyway, Here is the official video for the Earth Hour 2010 .

Black Out

My Goodness!

It’s almost a month already. Gensan is having blackouts every day. The average blackout is around 2 to 3 hours per occurrence. It occurs around 2 to 3 times a day. It’s really annoying! Grr! It is already very hot and humid outside, couple it with the blackouts and there’s a formula for heat stroke. Although I havent heard of anyone having a heat stroke here in Gensan, I am still  taking precautions. I drink plenty of water or juice whenever I can. My kids are also coached into drinking more water.

Last week I bought a generator set for our house. I bought the cheapest one I could get. I only plan to power a couple of electric fans and a few lights. It is very helpful. Its quiet noisy but its tolerable. I also bought a water tank. Where I live, when there is no electricity, automatically there is also no water.  Now my water in the house is always available 24/7 (as long as the tank is always refilled).

I went to the hardware this morning and people are really buying gensets like it was a commodity.  Big or small, gas or diesel powered, people are buying it. Even the battery for rechargeable lamps, rechargeable lamps and rechargeable electric fans are sold out. Oh my. Business is booming for these products.

Well, ill just keep this post short because there might be another blackout soon.

(Edit: Right after posting this, in less than a minute, there was a blackout)

Blogging from Blugré Robinson’s Gensan

I’m blogging from Blugré Coffee at Robinson’s Place in Gensan. I’m trying out the free wifi offered by the mall. Although the coffee shop itself has free wifi, I opted to connect via the mall’s network to try it out. It’s around 9:33 PM and the mall is closed so I would assume that there would be less network congestion. Although the speed is acceptable and it registered a 250kbps at, that is only a quarter of the speed I get from home.However its free so I have no right to complain. In fact I am thankful for the free wifi. The range is also great. I was able connect inside my car before I got out. I am parked inside the mall’s parking space across the street. That means I can do a few online stuff on my mobile phone without even getting out of my car. It’s like a drive thru wifi.

Gensan has really come a long way since I first came here.


The spelling is correct. Yes, It is not an Ipod. Yup, its the long rumored Apple Tablet. I thought they would name it Itablet but they did not. The rumor has been spreading around since late last year that Apple will reveal at this very day(Jan 27 in the US) a tablet computer.

I have been wanting to buy the Kindle because I love to read but books are becoming cumbersome. I can’t even finish a good book now because I am always traveling and I tend to leave it at home. By the time I get back home, I forgot what it was that I was reading. My wanting to buy a Kindle is now overshadowed by the want to buy an Ipad.

The Ipad is a far more better device than the Kindle. It is actually a bigger version of the Ipod Touch. This is the device that I really want. You can see for yourself at Apples webpage.  The Ipad can be used to browse the web, check emails, play music and movies, browse pictures, it has google maps in it, has an awesome calendar and the thing that i’ve been wanting it can be used to read books. There are more apps at the Apps store.  Check out the demo on Apples web page. While your on it, check out also Steve Jobs keynote presentation. The device is also affordable. They priced it at $499.00 or roughly less than P25k. But, we will have to wait for now because this device will be coming out around March or April of this year. My Goodness! I feel like a baby drooling over a candy, This is one of the longest wait I will have to endure. . Haha. For now, I will just browse the web for more demos and videos of the Ipad.

Blogging from SM Davao

I am waiting for my counterpart to arrive. I left my car in Gensan and didn’t want to ride the bus going home. By the way I am here at Pancake House in SM Davao. I just had a heavy snack of spaghetti and pancake roll (its 2 scoops of ice cream wrapped in a pancake). I just discovered today that SM has a free wifi. The speed is very fast. I tested it on and got a rate and a 1.74mbps upload rate. Below is a speed test screenshot that I took.

I can already imagine, people with laptops sitting on the bench doing their favorite things on the net. . . Well if it can encourage people to patronize their mall, then it is a great idea. Now I know what to do when I am here at SM again with my family. While they are busy shopping, ill just find a perfect spot in those benches and go to my favorite place. . that is called the internet.

Meanwhile, ill just relax and slowly digest the snack that I have just taken. Burp! (Excuse me).

Blogging from the 17th floor of Marco Polo Cebu

A view from the top. That’s what I have now. Aside from being on top of a high hill here in Cebu, I’m on the 17th floor of Marco Polo hotel. So the view is really awesome. Continue reading

Happy Fiesta sa Bula

I just arrived home after fetching my daughter from Bula. She was invited by her classmate Luz who lives in Bula.

The fiesta of Bula is an annual celebration of Generals who lives in that part of the city. It is so much like the Sinulog of Cebu, only it’s not as big as the Sinulog. However,  I say if you can’t go to Cebu for the Sinulog, you might as well go to Bula for a “Pit Señor”.

I have noticed that the event is getting bigger every year. Almost if not all the residents there are having a party. You can see a lot of people going around sometimes house to house to join the celebration. It’s practically an open house where even a complete stranger can come in and eat the food being served by the devotees of the Sto. Niño.

To all the people of Bula! Happy Fiesta!

Soccsksargen Bloggers

Magandang Gensan!

Those were the first two words that I encountered today. It was from the famous blogger of Gensan, Mr. Avel Manansala. Wohooh!

Is it really him? The famous Mr. Bariles. Well its him alright. he invited me to join the group Soccsksargen Bloggers. I was actually  hesitant because I haven’t blogged for more than a year, but I decided to join. I thought this might pressure me to write. 🙂 Well, its helping me to blog.

Anyways, Thanks very much for inviting me to the group. More Power!


1:15 A.M.

I like the song by Craig David specially when played very loud. . .but I hate the disorder. Well you just have to get used to it. Thank God for the internet.

Maybe with Insomnia, I can go on blogging again. Its been a long time. It’s only January. I can do this. . .Here I go again.

Hello World! Hello Gensan!

Gutten Tag!

Christmas is Near

Christmas in the post-War United States

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The Christmas spirit is here. There is really a change in the weather the feeling and the general atmosphere when Christmas is near. My son keeps on asking me how many days are left before Christmas? I told him the other day that its 30 days till Christmas and he would invent or rewrite the lyrics of the song the 12 days of Christmas to something like on the 30th day of Christmas my true love sent to me . . . . and so on. And then he asked me . . . Dad, why do we have Christmas? It’s such a simple question from a simple mind and yet if we contemplate for a moment and ask ourselves, why indeed do we celebrate Christmas? I ask her ate, my daughter to answer his question and she replied with . . .to celebrate the birth of Jesus.  Indeed she is right. Reflect further on her answer and think . . why do we really celebrate Christmas the birth of Jesus? I leave you to ponder on this. Advance Merry Christmas to everyone. Peace!