Data Storage

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Gone are the days when we used to carry those floppy disks that contains our precious computer data.

When I was still in college, it was a requirement for our computer class to buy a 5 1/4 disk. Then when I was already working, the 3 1/2 inch floppy was the standard. It can store a few MB of data which at that time seemed to be a lot.

Then being the techie guy that I am, I was first to use a flash drive when everyone else in our company was still using a floppy disk. I remember buying my first flash drive for 3k+ pesos. Flash disks are expensive when they first came out. How much storage does it hold? A whopping 64 mb. . . yup 64 megabytes. Of course at that time 64mb was huge. It could store more than 20 times the capacity of a floppy disk. I still have it with me for keepsake.

Wow. . 64Mb of flash storage. . . Amazing

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Mobile Tethering

I have a lot of gadgets with wifi. When I am at home, I have no problem connecting them to the internet. My house has been a hotspot since 2005 even before hotspots were easily available. Although hotspots are very common nowadays, there are times that you need access to the internet and cannot find a wifi area. What to do? You now have more choices to connect to the internet. The most common choice that have been around for some time are the plug-in internet. Continue reading

Blogging from Blugré Robinson’s Gensan

I’m blogging from Blugré Coffee at Robinson’s Place in Gensan. I’m trying out the free wifi offered by the mall. Although the coffee shop itself has free wifi, I opted to connect via the mall’s network to try it out. It’s around 9:33 PM and the mall is closed so I would assume that there would be less network congestion. Although the speed is acceptable and it registered a 250kbps at, that is only a quarter of the speed I get from home.However its free so I have no right to complain. In fact I am thankful for the free wifi. The range is also great. I was able connect inside my car before I got out. I am parked inside the mall’s parking space across the street. That means I can do a few online stuff on my mobile phone without even getting out of my car. It’s like a drive thru wifi.

Gensan has really come a long way since I first came here.


The spelling is correct. Yes, It is not an Ipod. Yup, its the long rumored Apple Tablet. I thought they would name it Itablet but they did not. The rumor has been spreading around since late last year that Apple will reveal at this very day(Jan 27 in the US) a tablet computer.

I have been wanting to buy the Kindle because I love to read but books are becoming cumbersome. I can’t even finish a good book now because I am always traveling and I tend to leave it at home. By the time I get back home, I forgot what it was that I was reading. My wanting to buy a Kindle is now overshadowed by the want to buy an Ipad.

The Ipad is a far more better device than the Kindle. It is actually a bigger version of the Ipod Touch. This is the device that I really want. You can see for yourself at Apples webpage.  The Ipad can be used to browse the web, check emails, play music and movies, browse pictures, it has google maps in it, has an awesome calendar and the thing that i’ve been wanting it can be used to read books. There are more apps at the Apps store.  Check out the demo on Apples web page. While your on it, check out also Steve Jobs keynote presentation. The device is also affordable. They priced it at $499.00 or roughly less than P25k. But, we will have to wait for now because this device will be coming out around March or April of this year. My Goodness! I feel like a baby drooling over a candy, This is one of the longest wait I will have to endure. . Haha. For now, I will just browse the web for more demos and videos of the Ipad.

Blogging from SM Davao

I am waiting for my counterpart to arrive. I left my car in Gensan and didn’t want to ride the bus going home. By the way I am here at Pancake House in SM Davao. I just had a heavy snack of spaghetti and pancake roll (its 2 scoops of ice cream wrapped in a pancake). I just discovered today that SM has a free wifi. The speed is very fast. I tested it on and got a rate and a 1.74mbps upload rate. Below is a speed test screenshot that I took.

I can already imagine, people with laptops sitting on the bench doing their favorite things on the net. . . Well if it can encourage people to patronize their mall, then it is a great idea. Now I know what to do when I am here at SM again with my family. While they are busy shopping, ill just find a perfect spot in those benches and go to my favorite place. . that is called the internet.

Meanwhile, ill just relax and slowly digest the snack that I have just taken. Burp! (Excuse me).

Online Mac Store in the Philippines . . . . . . Finally!!

Wow, and I mean wow.



Finally, Online Mac Store Philippines !! Hello, Philippines so it says in the apple website but this time the url has that distinctive .ph at the end. This is one of the best things that ever happened on the internet (here in the Philippines or in Gensan for that matter) ever since .  .  .  .  Bram Cohen created Bittorent?  🙂  Just kidding, but hey, this is progress indeed. Continue reading