In Memory of “Kyle”

"Kyle" the most loyal dog a master can ever have. You will be missed.

Today is a sad day for me and the rest of my family. Our family pet an

Akita named Kyle was put to “sleep” this morning. She is supposed to turn 11 years old on monday. She was the most loyal, friendly and patient dog we ever had. I will surely miss her wagging tail every time I arrive home.

She is a very quiet dog but when the situation calls for it, she barks with such intensity that anybody who does not know her would surely run away from her. She was the only dog we ever had since her arrival almost 11 years ago.

Although she is a very disciplined dog, she also has her naughty side like the time she escaped and went out of the gates and roamed around the neighborhood sniffing and smelling the things around her. She runs very fast that it usually takes 3 to 4 persons to catch up with her and get her to go home. She is also ferocious on smaller animals. During the time that she was with us, she killed around 4 to 5 cats (not counting the rats) who unluckily went inside the gates when she was let loose out of her cage.

But in spite of these typical dog behavior, she is very adorable. Akitas are renowned as loyal dogs and are also intelligent. If you know the story of Hachiko or have watched the recent movie about him, then you know how an Akita’s temperament is.

Today we have to put her to “sleep” because she was already suffering for some months now from a cyst on her breast. She was already very weak and can barely stand up.  She was not in pain but I know that she is having a hard time with her situation. In as much as we want to keep her forever, we decided to end her agony with the help of a vet. I did not have the spirit to see her go so I had our aide took her to the vet to let her extinguish Kyle’s hardship. She is already very old for a dog. She have served us very well in all this years.

I will surely miss calling her name Kyle, just after I close the gates. I will miss the mess that she sometimes make. I will miss her barking at the arriving garbage truck a few blocks away. I will miss buying her dog food. I will miss her jumping at me with her front paws. I will miss everything about her.

I hope she is happy now in dog heaven, running around freely and is playful as ever. That she is looking down on us and is still watching over our house with the tenacity of a guard dog that is only loyal to her masters. Thank you Kyle for the memories, companionship and the service you have given us all this years. I will miss you.

(By the way, I never watched the Hachiko movie nor will I ever watch it in the future.)

Kyle's cage is now empty. .making me more sad.


  1. My heart goes for you and your family.

    • Thanks for your sympathy mam. đŸ˜„

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