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Gone are the days when we used to carry those floppy disks that contains our precious computer data.

When I was still in college, it was a requirement for our computer class to buy a 5 1/4 disk. Then when I was already working, the 3 1/2 inch floppy was the standard. It can store a few MB of data which at that time seemed to be a lot.

Then being the techie guy that I am, I was first to use a flash drive when everyone else in our company was still using a floppy disk. I remember buying my first flash drive for 3k+ pesos. Flash disks are expensive when they first came out. How much storage does it hold? A whopping 64 mb. . . yup 64 megabytes. Of course at that time 64mb was huge. It could store more than 20 times the capacity of a floppy disk. I still have it with me for keepsake.

Wow. . 64Mb of flash storage. . . Amazing

Now I have 4 flash drives a 16gig, an 8gig a 4gig and a 2gig . Each has each own storage assignments as mentioned in my other posts. (NOTE: It is called USB flash drives/disk or USB thumb drives or simply flash drive/disk.  It gives me the shivers when people call them only USB, geez).

Then in between buying those 4 flash disks, I also bought a portable external hard drive. I bought a hard drive for laptops and converted it into a portable HD by buying a case for it. It was cheaper to do it that way rather than buying a ready to use HD. It was 80gig of portable data storage. Now the portable HDs are much cheaper and have much higher capacities. Then when I upgraded my laptop’s hard drive into 500gig, the old (6 months old) drive was again converted into a portable drive. It was another 120 gig of portable data storage.

1 TB storage seemed enough. . . for now.

Then in between those flash disk and portable hard drives, more than a year ago I also bought a 1 terabyte of external HD . This one is not so portable but I wanted a repository for all my files. I just use this to dump all files in to it so that my laptop’s HD will not be full. This is where I store my videos, music, pictures and other files that are eating up a lot of storage space. This is sort of my back up drive.

I always encourage my friends to do some sort of back ups for their files. Whether it be in a flash drive, on a cd/dvd, external HDs or even cloud storage (will blog on next topic about this). You can never go wrong when you back up your “back up” files somewhere else. It would be such a waste to lose those precious photos of your kids or the exotic trip you just made or your thesis for that matter.

For me, I can never get enough storage space. I always want to have more. But for now, these will suffice.

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