Mobile Tethering

I have a lot of gadgets with wifi. When I am at home, I have no problem connecting them to the internet. My house has been a hotspot since 2005 even before hotspots were easily available. Although hotspots are very common nowadays, there are times that you need access to the internet and cannot find a wifi area. What to do? You now have more choices to connect to the internet. The most common choice that have been around for some time are the plug-in internet.

Smart Bro Plug In

Globe Tattoo Plug In

Smart has Smart Bro while Globe has the Globe Tattoo.

These devices transformed  into newer devices called Mobile WIFI Internet. Globe has the MIFI and Smart just recently introduced the Pocket WIFI


Globe's MIFI

Smart's Pocket WIFI

For me however, I went the other way. I got the alternative. I happen to have an extra cellphone that I am not using. I don’t want to dispose it and so I found a way to make it useful. I installed Joikuspot in it. This software makes your cellphone into a mobile hotspot. It only cost me P888 pesos compared to the devices from Globe and Smart which will cost more than P4,000 pesos. Just be sure that your device is compatible with the software. So, now, I have a portable wifi hotspot wherever I go. I can place my cellphone with Joikuspot anywhere there is 3G or 3g+ signal even when my laptop or other WIFI devices are somewhere else. It will catch the signal and connect to the internet wirelessly.

Now if only the internet speeds of these mobile carriers can improve, then there would be a perfect mobile internet experience.

My Personal Mobile WIFI

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