My Bag

This post is inspired by a magazine that features the content of a celebrity’s bag. I’m not a celebrity but hey, whose to stop me from feeling as one. . Hahaha

I use this particular bag because everything fits in it. It’s actually a give away gimmick from my counterpart. It’s supposed to be a doctor’s bag but I have been using as my “Man Bag” for years now. I tried to replaced this bag a couple of times. I even bought a Samsonite clutch bag but I always go back to using this one. You can already see a tear near the zipper because of the heavy load that it bears.

I Don't Leave Home Without It

Here’s a look at what are usual contents of my bag:

1. My old Sony Ericsson K800i for my Addict Mobile prepaid sim card with 1 gig M2 card. I rarely use this, it’s just turned on and I recharge once a week. I have a spare battery that I also bring along.

2. My Samsung SGH i780 Phone,with my unlimited Globe post paid data plan. It has a 512 mb micro sd in it. It’s usually turned off and I just use it whenever there is no internet available. I installed JoikuSpot in it to be able to make it into a mobile hotspot. I also bring a spare battery.

3. My Ipod classic 160 gig. I store all my music in here. I chose this model because it has the biggest capacity in all the ipod range.

4. My Philips Earphones. SHE9500 model, its old but it does the job.

5. My Sanyo Xacti HD dual camera with 8 gig SD card. It’s a very portable high-definition video cam that can also take still photos.

6. My external hard drive. It’s a 120 gig and an older 80 gig. I use this for storing large files like movies, music, softwares and other files that is not used regularly. (I back all this in my 1 TB external at home)

7. My 4 USB flash disk. A 2 gig which is a spare and is useful when somebody momentarily borrows a flash disk from me. An 8 gig for office files and a 16 gig for my personal files and my 4 gig for movies.

8. My Sd cards. An 8 gig SD card which is a spare for my Xacti. A 4 gig Sd card which is a spare for my digicam (I don’t always bring the camera with me). a 4 gig and 64 MB M2 cards. These two are spare cards for my SE Phone. A micro Sd adaptor.

9. A clean handkerchief. For those times that I forget to bring one.

10. A burp bag. Just in case. I’m a byahilo.

11. A ziplock plastic bag.

12. A portable solar charger from CDR King.

13. My USB to wall outlet adaptor.

14. A pentel pen. This is very useful when labeling boxes or stuff.

15. A CD Marker.

16. A box cutter.

17. A small flashlight from a cover of a ball pen.

18. A few capsules of Revicon Max.

19. My keys. House keys, remote alarm and key for my wife’s vehicle and also for my car.

20. A nail clipper.

21. A few envelopes. Practical for leaving money or letters.

22. My second wallet. This contains my other credit cards and other IDs, hidden money, etc. (Not in the photos)

23. Chargers for my Ipod, Samsung phones, etc. Wires for synching with my laptop and more wires. It’s a bag inside a bag.

Sometimes these are also dumped inside this bag, these stuff are usually in my pants pockets:

1. My primary phone, a Samsung Omnia Pro with my Globe postpaid sim and a 16 gig micro sd card in it.

2. My secondary phone, a company issued HTC Viva with my Sun prepaid sim and a 1 gig micro sd in it.

3. My primary wallet.

4. My Black Voyager Victorinox Swiss knife.

5. Candies

Dissecting My Bag of All Its Contents

They say that I’m a techie. Maybe I am. You decide by looking inside my bag. Ninety nine percent of the time I bring this bag along with me but most of the time, I leave it in the car. I just want to have these stuff along with me just in case I need them.

Whats in your bag?

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