My Pocket’s Best Friend

What thing do I always bring with me wherever I go? Well, aside from the obvious bare essentials like my wallets and cellphones, this thing is the 3rd most important thing that I always bring with me. Unless I board an airplane, it stays in my pocket or sometimes in its holster. It is my Swiss Pocket Knife. Today I bought a new one. It took me a few months to find the right model that I needed. It’s the Victorinox Swiss Army Explorer Pocket Knife.

I used to have a red Explorer. Unfortunately, I lost it a few months ago and ever since I lost it, I felt incomplete whenever I go out. You would ask me why? The reason is that it had been with me for 15 years before I lost it. Yup, it’s ever older than my son. I’ve had it long before my other gadgets. I bought it when I was still single. During the time when there were still no cellular phones. I can still remember I bought it at the duty-free shop in Davao. Ever since that day, I always bring it with me everywhere I go. I just check it in whenever I ride an airplane. It had tagged along with me in all of the countries and places that I have been. My colleagues already know whose door to knock whenever they needed a cork opener in the middle of the night. My family knows very well that my trusty  old knife is always ready to cut, slash, punch, or whatever you might need to do the job. It has everything in it but the kitchen sink.

This pocket knife has a lot of simple tools that are very useful to me. The most used tools that I needed are the following: The 2 knives. The short one is often used for opening boxes or cutting small things while the larger one is used like a regular kitchen knife. The scissors. They are very handy specially in cutting paper to the size. The Philips and the flat screwdrivers. I use it a lot in my gadgets and for common house repairs whenever I feel lazy retrieving my toolbox. The corkscrew is popular in parties when a wine needs to be uncorked. The can opener is seldom used but it’s really handy. The rest of the tools are also useful whenever the situation calls for it. My wife’s favorite is the tweezers. Hey I even used the toothpick sometimes when the need arises. (of course I sanitize it) Hehehe.


My New Black Voyager

I missed my red Voyager. I felt naked without it. It was a very sturdy and  durable piece of equipment. It would have lasted 15 or more years have I not lost it. It never failed me in the times that I needed it. It took me quiet a while to find a suitable replacement because this particular model is always out of stock even at the Hahn store in Manila. This new one has a few additional tools that was not previously in my red Voyager. It now has a pressurized ball pen, a small pin and the optional small screw is now included. My pocket now has a new best friend. My new Black Voyager. I hope this time it will be forever. BFF.



  1. I couldn’t keep something as small as a Swiss Knife for long because somehow, I lose it.
    I remember having owned at least 5 of these knives… some from the company I used to work for and the rest, I bought on my own.

    But after reading your blog, I guess I have to reacquaint myself with one again.

    Nice post, Laurence! See you later!

    • Thanks for the quick comment sir. I do feel a little “kulang” without my Swiss Knife. . I now feel complete. hahaha. You should get one again and chain it to your bag so you it won’t get lost. See you!

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