3rd Gensan Car Show

My son who is 12 years old is into cars lately. Well, toy cars for the moment. He has a lot of Ferrari from the Shell promo. He has more than one complete set of the collection. He had this interest in cars from playing his video game Need for Speed. He can identify a Porsche from a Ferrari, a Mercedes from a BMW and even knows the racing accessories for cars like spoilers and body kits. I bought him a few magazines about cars and I always entertain his questions when he is asking what kind of car this or that is. To add to his enthusiasm for cars, I thought what better way to expose him to his interest than to bring him to a car show. Well, I was in luck because a friend of mine sent me a sms that there is a car show at the Gaisano Mall Gensan.

3rd Gensan Car Show

The 3rd Gensan Car Show was held at the atrium of Gaisano Mall of Gensan. It started last October 1 and ended today October 3, 2010. I was there this afternoon when they where already awarding the prizes for the 16 cars that participated in the event. Entries are mostly from Gensan and some are from Davao City. Car enthusiast where there to admire the tricked out cars. Some of them are cars that we see daily like the Honda Civics but there where also some exotic cars like the overall show winner the Honda S2000 convertible.

The Overall Show Winner Honda S2000

Car Show Overall Winner

The Yellow Honda Convertible S2000 was a crowd pleaser with its bright yellow paint and cool top down look.

There where a total of 19 cars on display at the Gaisano Mall but 3 of them where not part of the competition. They where there just for display. 2 Porsches and a 2 door Mercedes were displayed in the middle of the atrium.

Here are some more pictures from the car show.

The Crowd Admiring the Tricked Out Cars

Three of the entries for the show

Under the hood in one of the crowd favorites

One of the Interiors

Audio Setup

The Lone Mercedes

Loaded Trunk in one of the cars

Lady in Red

I can’t wait for the next show. I hope there will be more cars so that my son and I could quench our curiosity for souped up cars.

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