Tuna Fest 2010

"Go Global Gensan: We Are Ready for the World"

Last night was the opening ceremonies of Gensan Tuna Fest 2010. The theme for this year’s festival is “Go Global Gensan: We Are Ready for the World”. The event was well organized resulting in a jammed pack oval plaza. The festival director Mr. Orman Manansala kept the program concise but very entertaining.

The official Tuna Fest MTV was also premiered last night on a wide screen followed by the live performance of the Centerpoint Band, a local band in Gensan. “Whoa Gensan” MTV is a production of Royale Iris Studio commisioned by the Tuna Festival Organizing Committee. Watch the MTV here.

The opening ceremonies ended with the lighting of 42 sky lanterns for the 42 years of Gensan as a chartered city.

Mayor Darlene Antonio Custodio releasing the first Sky Lantern

Mayor Darlene Antonino Custodio was the first one to release the Sky Lanterns.

The rest of the Sky Lanterns waiting to be released

Sky Lanterns Soaring High

It was a great sight to see the Sky Lanterns soaring high above Gensan’s Oval Plaza.

(all photos courtesy of Darfel Photography)

Sky Lanterns are provided by MLS Sky Lantern

Here is a short video for those who missed the opening night.


  1. WHOA GenSan!!!

    Galing mo GenSan Boy!!

    Bilis mo mag-blog!!

    Your all-access pass coming up!

    Happy 12th Tuna Festival!!!

    • Thanks sir Avel. See you later.

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