Red means Stop! 10 things to know when driving in Gensan.

My Goodness!

“It’s a jungle out there”. That’s the most common cliché you’ll ever hear when describing a chaotic situation. Well, that’s how I describe the driving conditions in Gensan. Have you ever tried driving around the city even just for a day? Unfortunately, I do that almost everyday. I thought I was only one of the few who are irritated, dismayed or even furious about these conditions. I found out that I am not alone. Orman blogged about it here. He sums it all up in his no.1 no. 2 and no. 4 points.

I don’t want this to be another  rant post, but the situation is really annoying. If we could only apprehend and fine those who violate even just those who beat the red light, then the local government would have enough money to increase the pay of the traffic enforcers. Then maybe they could do their job better and regulate or stop those who disobeys the traffic rules.

It really get on my nerves because I am on the road almost a quarter of my working day. Imagine there you are, a law-abiding citizen, waiting patiently for your turn at the traffic light then all of a sudden, an @$$%^#* cuts you off or tries to beat the red light (and most likely succeeds in doing it) when you are about to cross the intersection. Grrr! It really ruins my day.

Please just let me fulminate on these:

1. Traffic lights are there for a reason. Why would you beat the red light when in fact, everything is near in Gensan. It would not cost you more than a few minutes just to wait rather than risk an accident. People are just impatient (or plain stupid).

2. Signal lights where invented to communicate to other drivers your intention to make a turn. If it’s busted, hand signals are permitted. I noticed that even high-end vehicles like Pajeros, Monteros, Land Cruisers etc. sometimes do not signal before a turn. Maybe the driver (or owner) thinks that he is driving a kareton! Then you do not deserve to drive those vehicles.

3. Motorcycles are notorious for cutting you off. They just at their pleasure, cut you off to make a shortcut. How I wish I could just bump them off the road whenever they do that and then run them over!

4. Headlights and tail lights are important parts of the vehicle. How can people see you at night without them. (again, stupidity wins) I even noticed some vehicles specially jeepneys and tricycles without even a provision for tail lights. My Goodness! How did they manage to get their vehicles registered at the LTO! I get really irked when driving at night and then all of a sudden only a few feet away in the shadows of the dark streets there is a vehicle as if waiting to be crashed by your car. It’s an accident waiting to happen.

5. Helmets are for the head not the elbow or the basket in front of you.  Then again, I really don’t care if you die of a head injury due to not wearing a helmet, as long as you don’t involve other people, specially me, in your stupidity.

6. Lanes are really visible. It’s not that hard to distinguish the left from the right. A five-year old knows that already. Left lanes are for those vehicles that are running on moderate to fast speeds and right lanes are for those vehicles that are running at a slow speed and for those who will make a right turn. You don’t turn right on a corner from a left (inner) lane and the other way around! It’s not calculus for goodness sake, its common sense. And why, my dear good lord are you in the middle of 2 lanes? are you confused which lane you want to take? Then for everyone’s welfare STOP and plan where you are going before you hit the road!

7. Driving while on the cellphone is as dangerous as driving while you are intoxicated. Read it here. Use a headset if the call is really that important. Bluetooth headsets are affordable nowadays or just use the stock wired headset that is included in majority of the cellphones today. It’s better than driving with one hand. And PLEASE, do not text while driving! There is a pedal in your vehicle to make it stop. Use it and go to the side of the road if you really need to send a sms or better yet just call that person using a hands free device.

8. Parking. Why oh why can’t people park properly. The parking spaces provided for are not there for you alone. I really can’t comprehend why they would park horizontally when there is a line that explicitly tells you to park your vehicles in between those two lines. Only one word comes to mind: STUPID.

9. Why so slow? Time is money. If you want to waste money, then go ahead. Take your time in driving at 20 kms/hour. I just don’t want to be held up because you are moving at a pace that even Lance Armstrong could overtake you. Get out of my way or use the appropriate lane.

10. Tricycles are really a nuisance. If only I have the power, ill wipe them off the face of the earth, or even just the streets of Gensan. I really don’t mind sharing the road with them as long as they follow and obey the traffic rules. The problem is that most of them do not even know what those rules are or they just simply ignore them. They are slow, noisy, dilapidated and a major contributor to air pollution. Maybe its time for the mayor to look at this problem. Big modern cities do not have tricycles on the main thoroughfares. Even the TOKTOK’S of Bangkok are well-regulated. Gensan is becoming a big metropolis. It is time for an upgrade. Eventual phase out of these tricycles from the main streets is a must. This will reduce the traffic, accidents, noise and reduce the carbon footprint of the city.

There you have it! I’m sorry if I ranted about these stuff but I believe we should send our shout outs to the people who can “domesticate” these uncontrollable individuals and let them know that they live in a civilized city that is becoming a vibrant place to be.


  1. you are not alone! hehehehe! nice one, my friend!

  2. Hehe, thanks to your post, napalabas ko rin ang inis ko. Woosa! 🙂

  3. nice one!!! 🙂 i share the same sentiments 🙂 i drive all the time also and i super hate drivers who beats the red light 😦 but then again they can always get away with it because theirs no traffic enforcers!!!! tsk tsk tsk!!!

    • Thanks Don, we really need to adjust to the situation but it really is frustrating. 😦

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