Sept 1, 2010

Can anyone tell me how many songs are there that has September in either the lyrics or the title of the song? I can think of a couple of right now without even consulting Mr. Google. Here they are: September by EWF and Wake me up when September ends by Greenday. Why is September such a significant month? For people in America, I was told that it’s the end of summer and that winter is coming. Somebody correct me if this is wrong. In the Philippines, when September arrives there can only be one significant thing that comes to people’s mind: Christmas! It’s the start of the “ber” months. Today and even as early as midnight last night, my Facebook friends posted Christmas greetings on their walls. I even received a sms this morning, jokingly reminding me  that as early as now Christmas gifts are already accepted. Hahaha or is it Ho Ho Ho! 🙂 Well, that is the reason why we Filipinos are well known to have the longest Christmas celebration in the world. Oh well, the air does indeed feel a little bit more like Christmas. BTW, gifts are indeed accepted as early as today so just leave a comment as to where I can get it. Thanks.