Tuna Fest 2010

"Go Global Gensan: We Are Ready for the World"

Last night was the opening ceremonies of Gensan Tuna Fest 2010. The theme for this year’s festival is “Go Global Gensan: We Are Ready for the World”. The event was well organized resulting in a jammed pack oval plaza. The festival director Mr. Orman Manansala kept the program concise but very entertaining. Continue reading

Remembering 9/11

September 11, 2001 attacks in New York City: V...

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Nine year ago I was in Cotabato City and was alone in my room. While I was reading a book,  I got a sms from my counterpart at around eight in the evening that the World Trade Center in New York was hit by a plane. Then after maybe an hour, another sms came telling me that the other building was hit by another plane. I didn’t have a TV nor did I have a computer with me in Cotabato back then. I just relied on the news from my friends.

I was quiet amazed about what was happening. However it did not sunk into me until the following day when I heard that thousands died because both towers collapsed within hours after what was then determined as a terrorist attack. It was a very disturbing fact. The situation was almost unreal.

The USA in our point of view had always been the most ideal country in the world. This could not be happening to them, but it did. We were proven wrong. This only demonstrates that the US is as vulnerable as any country in the world.

This made me contemplate that no matter where you are, if your time is up, then it is up. That life is precious. That we should be thankful for every sunshine that we see and be joyful for every sunset that we catch a glimpse of. That we must be happy for the simple things that we have. That everyday is a gift of life that we should treasure and live to the fullest. That a few minutes of prayer is never wasted. That God is so good that he still let us enjoy our life.

So let us not forget to thank the Lord everyday for the gift of life and continue to pray for peace. Amen!

Red means Stop! 10 things to know when driving in Gensan.

My Goodness!

“It’s a jungle out there”. That’s the most common cliché you’ll ever hear when describing a chaotic situation. Well, that’s how I describe the driving conditions in Gensan. Have you ever tried driving around the city even just for a day? Unfortunately, I do that almost everyday. I thought I was only one of the few who are irritated, dismayed or even furious about these conditions. I found out that I am not alone. Orman blogged about it here. He sums it all up in his no.1 no. 2 and no. 4 points. Continue reading

Caffé Firenzo

No Coffee for me!

Caffé Firenzo is located right across the street from the main lobby of Sun City Suites Gensan. I was there a few nights ago. I think people in Gensan are coffee lovers because there are so many coffee shops here that you can go to a different one everyday for the rest of the week. I’m not much of a coffee lover so I just got one of their cold drinks. Instead of checking out their variety of coffees, I checked out their Wifi instead. PLDT is their ISP (just like at home). The speed is great as it registered a 3.81 mbps on my first reading which astonished me and so I got a second reading after a while which registered a 1.6 mbps.

The actual speed in my opinion is much slower but is still decent enough compared to other wifi zones. Although their wifi has a password, it’s very easy to guess what it is if you just think hard enough. It starts with sun and ends with suites (one word with no spaces). At around 11:30 PM, the place is full and people are still coming in. Well, that is the trend in Gensan, when a new place opens, people flock to check it out. However if people still come to the place after a few months or years, then that place must have something distinctive to offer. I’m pretty sure Caffé Firenzo will stand the test of time due to its location, its uniqueness and its cozy place.

Sept 1, 2010

Can anyone tell me how many songs are there that has September in either the lyrics or the title of the song? I can think of a couple of right now without even consulting Mr. Google. Here they are: September by EWF and Wake me up when September ends by Greenday. Why is September such a significant month? For people in America, I was told that it’s the end of summer and that winter is coming. Somebody correct me if this is wrong. In the Philippines, when September arrives there can only be one significant thing that comes to people’s mind: Christmas! It’s the start of the “ber” months. Today and even as early as midnight last night, my Facebook friends posted Christmas greetings on their walls. I even received a sms this morning, jokingly reminding me  that as early as now Christmas gifts are already accepted. Hahaha or is it Ho Ho Ho! 🙂 Well, that is the reason why we Filipinos are well known to have the longest Christmas celebration in the world. Oh well, the air does indeed feel a little bit more like Christmas. BTW, gifts are indeed accepted as early as today so just leave a comment as to where I can get it. Thanks.