123 Days!

Its been 123 days since my last post. That is exactly four months and 1 day. A lot of things happened during those 123 days. But all I can think of right now are things that weren’t there four months ago. Here are a few: I got a new car. It’s a Vios. I got two new phones. A Samsung Omnia Pro and a HTC  Touch Viva with a Lenovo Net book. The HTC and net book are company issued and so is the car 🙂 . I got a new watch, a Luminox Special Edition Blackout. Well, those are the gadgets that I got. I’m happy with them. It’s a different kind of high for me. However, my wallet says otherwise. Haha.

I’m trying to be more frugal but it’s very hard to do so specially now that Gensan is really becoming more and more a metropolis of the south. Malls are sprouting like mushrooms. I learned from Bariles (which is my primary source of “whats new” in Gensan) that SM will be groundbreaking in September. Robinson’s Place have shops that are catering to my needs. KCC is also upgraded and have opened more shops. Gaisano becomes a bargain hunter’s paradise. Plus new places to go like Ice Castle, Sun City Suites and its arcade and a lot more new spots. Gensan have surely become a great place to be.

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