Blogging from Blugré Robinson’s Gensan

I’m blogging from Blugré Coffee at Robinson’s Place in Gensan. I’m trying out the free wifi offered by the mall. Although the coffee shop itself has free wifi, I opted to connect via the mall’s network to try it out. It’s around 9:33 PM and the mall is closed so I would assume that there would be less network congestion. Although the speed is acceptable and it registered a 250kbps at, that is only a quarter of the speed I get from home.However its free so I have no right to complain. In fact I am thankful for the free wifi. The range is also great. I was able connect inside my car before I got out. I am parked inside the mall’s parking space across the street. That means I can do a few online stuff on my mobile phone without even getting out of my car. It’s like a drive thru wifi.

Gensan has really come a long way since I first came here.