Blogging from SM Davao

I am waiting for my counterpart to arrive. I left my car in Gensan and didn’t want to ride the bus going home. By the way I am here at Pancake House in SM Davao. I just had a heavy snack of spaghetti and pancake roll (its 2 scoops of ice cream wrapped in a pancake). I just discovered today that SM has a free wifi. The speed is very fast. I tested it on and got a rate and a 1.74mbps upload rate. Below is a speed test screenshot that I took.

I can already imagine, people with laptops sitting on the bench doing their favorite things on the net. . . Well if it can encourage people to patronize their mall, then it is a great idea. Now I know what to do when I am here at SM again with my family. While they are busy shopping, ill just find a perfect spot in those benches and go to my favorite place. . that is called the internet.

Meanwhile, ill just relax and slowly digest the snack that I have just taken. Burp! (Excuse me).