Blogging from the 17th floor of Marco Polo Cebu

A view from the top. That’s what I have now. Aside from being on top of a high hill here in Cebu, I’m on the 17th floor of Marco Polo hotel. So the view is really awesome.

I’m here for our regional conference. All my counterparts from Vismin are also here. The company I work with conducts this conference at least twice a year. This time its only a regional conference. It had always been a Natcon or national conference for the past few years. I like the Natcon better because I can be with my colleagues from all over the Philippines. We really actually see each other only during conferences or trainings or company incentive trips.

We just missed the Sinulog by a day. The Gensan group ( only three of us) were supposed to be here as early as yesterday but there was no flight available from Gensan to Cebu. So we traveled to Davao yesterday and boarded a PAL flight for Cebu this morning. It would have been great if we joined the Sinulog festival. It was I think 1997 or 1998 when I last joined the Sinulog. Maybe next year I can join again.

Thank God Wifi is free here at Marco Polo Hotel. Its available at the conference hall and the lobby or basically the whole first floor. I can update my Facebook there using my mobile phone. It’s just unfortunate that it can’t reach the rooms. I’m using my plug-in internet now because I don’t want to go down to the lobby or the pool area to avail of the free wifi.

Tomorrow will be a training day so I better get a good night rest and hopefully will get through the day tomorrow without getting bored or sleepy. Opps. Hahaha.

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