Online Mac Store in the Philippines . . . . . . Finally!!

Wow, and I mean wow.



Finally, Online Mac Store Philippines !! Hello, Philippines so it says in the apple website but this time the url has that distinctive .ph at the end. This is one of the best things that ever happened on the internet (here in the Philippines or in Gensan for that matter) ever since .  .  .  .  Bram Cohen created Bittorent?  🙂  Just kidding, but hey, this is progress indeed. Just imagine, buying your latest Macbook or Ipod directly from the Apple Store. Just think of the possibilities: Customizing your Mac, choosing from different Ipods or Iphones . . and so on. Lets face it, some or shall I say a lot of Authorized Mac Centers do not have a complete line of stuff that are available on the online store. In Mac centers, Customizing your Mac would be such a hassle and would take time. Its better off buying what is available in the Mac Center nearest you than to customize it through them.  .  but now, walaaa now just go to the Online Mac Store and Presto, you now have a 4gig Ram on your new Macbook. . . I must admit though I haven’t used the Apple Online Store yet. But hey, it’s only been open for 2 days.  Somebody give me a feedback if you already used it. Meanwhile ill just keep my credit card in a place where I can’t get hold of it easily or else . . . . .


  1. Wow! You are into Mac now? Let us know your experience. Keep on blogging bai ! -carlo s.

  2. Thanks for the comment Carl, we have to explore other things. I know that you do that too. 🙂 Windows is not the only O.S. out there folks. Explore, Try, Experience. Regards!

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