I was in Davao City

I was in Davao City since Sunday. Last Sunday after blogging about the extreme weather in Gensan, I waited until around 5 pm and then drove all the way to Davao. I just went directly home. My mom prepared dinner for me. We just talked and talked and watched TV. ( House MD at AXN )

Monday the whole day it was work work work. Well not really the shoveling stones and rocks type of work but it was just a meeting. The morning was spent with my colleagues and my boss in the conference room of our company’s depot. There are just six of us under one supervisor and we are all male. Four are assigned in Davao, one in Zamboanga and one in Gensan (me). We then fetched our Field Training Officer at the airport around lunch time and had a very scrumptious meal at Marina Tuna Restaurant. Anybody who had eaten there would agree that the sea foods being served are really delicious. Marina Restaurant is going to the north of Davao. It’s actually far from the city proper. It’s along the national highway in Sasa, Davao City. If you are from the Davao Airport then it’s just a few minutes away. I don’t know if they have a branch somewhere else in the city. I hope they do. Continue reading