Weather in Gensan

Good Morning Sunshine!

My Goodness!


It’s very hot outside! I mean really really hot. The sun is shining like there would be no tomorrow. I would not be caught outside of my room at this temperature.

Just so you can imagine how hot this city can get, ill tell you some incident mostly inside my car. I have no garage for the company car so it stays most of the time outside the gate because my other car (the one I own) has the priority over the garage. Sometimes I move it so that it would be under my small Longgan tree (Money tree as some call it). The tree is so small it would only partially cover the car. I usually leave a window slightly open so it would not get so hot inside. One time, I was not able to park the car under a shade for a whole day. The following day, the cd jewel or cd case as you may call it which was left on top of the dashboard warped like it was from the microwave oven. Just imagine how hot it must have been inside the car to warp a cd case like that. Continue reading